Maureen Vachon

My paintings, colored pencil drawings and figurines employ parody, satire and caricature to view aspects of contemporary life through the lens of black humor. Specific topics range from contemporary art collecting, television viewing, shopping and catastrophic illness.The great visual satirist Weegee (aka Arthur Fellig) impresses me with his expressive use of dark values, as does R.F. Outcault (creator of the Yellow Kid) for his inventive combinations of words and pictures.

Despite its apparent cheerfulness, I have never thought of my work as especially funny. Its caricatured people and animals are not consistently upbeat. Satire is a fundamentally pessimistic enterprise; since its driving force is the datirist's deep dissatisfaction with the world as it is.

Despite some uncertainty, I am also experimenting-by producing a set of figurines based on characters inspired by my recent visits to the Detroit Zoo.